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Y2K is AlienLabs' most recent release. If you lived in the Bay Area in the early 2000s, you'll recognize the scent and feel. We discovered an extremely real S1 Purple Urkle and crossed it to our infamous Planet Dosi. The end result is a period-correct recreation of traditional bay area grapes with a boost of power from Planet Dosi. This one is unique. With just one scent, you'll be transported back in time to the first time you tried authentic bay area grapes. This one has a strong artificial grape smell, as do the effects. What more could you want than pure couch lock sedation with terps? ----- Indica Lineage: Purple Urkle x Planet Dosi ----- Prominent terpenes: D-Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, Linalool


Zedband offers a lot of gorgeous original Diesel-type colas with knockout intensity and out-of-sight bud resin. Extremely narcotic high with screaming fuel and funk. It tastes like a somewhat gassy and creamy Hi-C that has been diluted. This is a formidable duo. ----- Hybrid Lineage: Zkittlez x Headband #14 ----- Prominent terpenes: D-Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, D-Linalool


The Zkittlez strain from Alien Labs is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by combining Grape Ape and Grapefruit with an unnamed mystery strain. The Zkittlez strain's chunky, sugar-coated colas explode with a variety of brilliant hues and produce a diverse scent. ----- Indica Dominant Hybrid Lineage: Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Mystery Strain ----- Prominent terpenes: β-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Linalool